Slow Sleeves

Part of me was pie-eyed enough to think I might finish this Hugo sweater before this coming weekend when I’ll see my brother. Ha! I’m wildly optimistic about my knitting abilities sometimes. I thought I would do this in the midst of a move to a new house across town, no less. Well, I have most of two sleeves and a back so far. That’s pretty good for now. 
sleevesThis color is a much more accurate representation than my previous post about the back. It’s a nice deep rust. My brother has long monkey arms and I had to add three inches to them before the sleeve cap shaping. That probably helps him be such a great drummer. To be fair, I too have to add about three inches to my sweater sleeves for them to fit me the way I want.

As for our move, we are 95 percent unpacked and settled in our new place and I love it immensely. We got rid of SO MUCH STUFF before we moved. I highly recommend the Konmari Method if you need to declutter your life.

Now I can finally sit down and knit. I think my hands didn’t touch yarn for about three days, and that makes a gal kind of twitchy.

Mini Monkeys

monkeyI can’t get over blending sock patterns lately to keep socks for Z interesting. These are my Kiddo Kicks blended with the ubiquitous (for a reason) Monkey by Cookie A. Monkeys have an addictive texture that makes you keep wanting to knit just one more repeat. monkey-2I’m using leftover yarn for these. The green is some Shibui sock, but I don’t remember the color name. The upcoming color is leftover Colinette Jitterbug in Ochre. I had to alter the Monkey pattern chart by ignoring stitches 1 and 16 and eliminating rows 9 and 11 to make it work for the stitch count. To do the Monkey chart I had to have 28 sts on the instep to make the chart work. These will be a little bit bigger than the last pair I made her, but I’m sure they will be fitting by mid to late winter next year. This will make pair 4 out of the 5 (at least) I want her to have for next winter. After culling my stash I found so much great fingering weight leftover yarn that I’m sure I’ll always have some kid socks going in the background.

Yarn surprises!

new yarn-2I got a package in the mail last week from Carina! It was incredibly sweet of her. She emailed me and said she had a little baby present and wanted to send me some Regia since she knew I was also a Regia lover. She lives in Germany and sent me four skeins. I’m so in love with these colors!!! The purple will have to be something for Zooey of course. Maybe the pink will become something for Charlotte. Maybe they will even be matchy matchy…

I think my favorite skein color-wise is this: new yarn-3I adore those sunset oranges and can’t wait to see how that knits up. I am trying to reduce stash, but there’s always room for sock yarn, right?

Sweater for my brother

My brother lives in Minnesota. From what I hear, it’s hella cold up there in the winter. I refuse to visit during that time (and actually have yet to visit period). To assuage that guilt a bit, and because he asked me last winter, I decided to knit him a sweater. He loves Matt’s Hugo sweater and said he wanted one just like that. He said he wanted a rust orange kind of color. I found this Cascade 220 Japanese Maple on sale last January and got some. I was still hemming and hawing over when I would actually work on this sweater, but since my big destashing last week I began to think of this as one more way to reduce my stash. Knit it and get it out! hugo

Charlie (remember this ham?) has a 41″ chest, so I went between the 41.75″ and 45.5″ sizes by adding some extra stitches in the moss stitch area, just like I did with Matt’s sweater. I’m aiming for about 2-2.5″ of ease for comfort without looking baggy. At first I thought I wouldn’t love knitting this again, but the chart is only 12 rows and it gets addictive. hugo-2

It happens to be his birthday today as well. This sweater isn’t in time for your birthday, Charlie, but it will definitely get to you before the cold comes. Happy birthday, baby brother.

If you are all interested in some bulky wool, silk, tweed, or a paper linen/silk purse kit, please please check out my destashing post. I reduced some of the prices because I WANT THESE GONE. I’m doing the KonMari method throughout the house and these need to go.

Destashing sale!

I’m eliminating some things from my stash that I’ve realized I won’t get around to knitting anytime soon, or just aren’t practical for me these days. Price is listed next to all yarns as well as my best guess for shipping them. All payments will be accepted through PayPal and you can send the payments to for the PayPal email address. Shipping to the United States only. Please leave a comment and let me know you want the yarn and I’ll reply in the affirmative so you know it’s yours. Payments should be made in 24 hours or the yarn will be re-listed. When you make a PayPal payment please include a comment about which item you are purchasing along with your address for clarity. Each description includes a link to the Ravelry page about the yarn if you want to learn more or want inspiration.

Brown Sheep Burly Spun in Fuschia – $62 NOW $52!

Burly spun magentaThis is a single ply super bulky wool. It normally retails for $19.50 a skein. This is 4 skeins for a total of 528 yards. Selling for $50 plus $12 shipping for a total of $62. I thought I would make these floor cushions with this and the next yarn, but years later I haven’t done it. One skein is wound.

Brown Sheep Burly Spun in Sable –$62 NOW $52!

burly sable

This is a single ply super bulky wool. It normally retails for $19.50 a skein. This is 4 skeins for a total of 528 yards. Selling for $50 plus $12 shipping for a total of $62. One skein is wound.

Classic Elite Yarns Portland Tweed in Brown- $21 NOW $15! 

portlandThis yarn is discontinued. There are 3 balls for a total of 360 yards. It formerly retailed for about $10 a ball. Selling for $15 plus $6 shipping.

Wagtail 4 ply 100% Fine Kid Mohair in Soft Rust – $21  SOLD!

wagtailThis is nearly 2 full skeins of yarn, all wound. It normally retails for $24 a skein. I’m selling for $16 plus $5 shipping because a large portion of one skein was knit and then taken out of a project. This yarn is sport weight and a total of 820 yards.

Cascade Yarns Alpaca Lace in Green – $13 SOLD! 

cascadeThis includes 874 yards of laceweight alpaca. This yarn normally retails for about $8 a skein. Selling for $8 and $5 shipping.

Malabrigo Silky Merino in Sand and Smoke – $21 SOLD! 

malabrigo sand malabrigo smoke

I’m selling these two yarns together. This is a DK weight silk and merino blend yarn. It normally retails for about $10.99 a skein. All shown are wound. There is a full skein of the Smoke and one full skein of the Sand. Total Sand (yellow) yardage is 243 yards. Total Smoke yardage is 185 yards. Selling for $16 plus $5 shipping for a total of $25.

Fiesta La Luz in Palomino – $68 NOW $58! 


This yarn retails for about $30 a skein. It is 100% silk and gorgeous. A small amount of one skein was used for a swatch (a few yards). I unwound it and the full yardage is intact. I love this but I realized I probably won’t be making or wearing 100% silk garments with very small kiddos around right now. Selling for $60 plus $8 shipping.

Habu A-60 Shosheni Linen Paper in Taupe – $30 SOLD!


This yarn is a linen paper and retails for about $22 per 475 yards. This is 952 yards. One skein is wound and a small portion of that was knitted for a swatch. The amount is intact. Selling for $25 plus $5 shipping.

Habu Paper Silk Handbag Kit and Pattern – $30 NOW $25! 


These two yarns make this handbag. Kit includes silk yarn as well as paper linen yarn. The kit is for handbag color 115. This includes the pattern for the handbag. A small portion of the linen paper was used for a swatch, but the full amount of the yarn is intact. Cost is $24 plus $6 shipping.

Please leave a comment letting me know which yarn you would like!


immie tee-4I’m pretty sure Z and I both adore this tee. It’s an Immie Tee by Carrie Bostick Hoge. I made a lot of changes to the pattern. I knit it top down so I could use all of the yarn, leaving just under 4 grams left. The yarn is Super Sock in Orchid by Pigeonroof Studios. It is vibrant and soft and I can’t wait to use her yarns again. immie tee-7I’m very much in love with this design and the intriguing and gorgeous lace pattern. Since I worked this top-down the lace is upside-down from the original pattern, but I love it both ways. immie tee-5The chest is 21″. I added increases on the sides to make it more like a tunic. The increases are about every 1.25″ under each arm and I did them 6 times, making the bottom about 4″ larger than the chest. The length is 12″ under the armpit. I’m always hoping a garment can fit the following year. immie tee-2On the arms I did some short rows and added a little ruffle by doubling the stitches on that section. At first I thought it might make the top way too girly, but when it was done I really liked the effect. immie tee-3Z was happy to wear the top, but I couldn’t get her in bottoms. She was happy to wear an apron, so I considered that a compromise. We have been discussing the word “compromise” lately in our house as Z learns more and more about how to try to convince us of things. With Z I pretty much get photos whenever I can, so pantless photos with a milk mustache work just fine for me. Toddlers are MOVERS. immie tee-6There is an adult version of the tee and I would love to make it for myself someday.

Finished TTTKAL Togue Pond

I finished this about a week ago, which was technically past the original deadline, but I’m happy to have a new summer tank to wear. togue finished-2I love participating in Shannon’s knitalongs. I only learned about them a couple of summers ago. It really motivates me to get a project finished in a timely manner. It’s been a bit harder to have as much knitting time with two kiddos, but I’m taking advantage of baby sleep time to knit as much as I can. Knitting and baby cuddling are way more important than household chores, am I right? togue finished-4I used the size 42″ numbers in Togue Pond to get around a 37″ bust because I was working at a smaller gauge using Brown Sheep Cotton Fleece in Spryte. I would have loved to make this in linen like the pattern calls for, but I’m trying to use more of what I have on hand.  I spaced out the decreases farther and added some additional ones to get to the size I wanted. togue finished-3I love the clean lines in the shaping on this pattern, and I love the slight hi-lo of the top. togue finishedI could definitely see myself making another one of these.

Do y’all know about the Summer Sweater Knitalong on Shannon’s blog? It usually starts at the very end of July and goes until the end of September. I can’t wait! I did allow myself to buy some yarn for this one. I plan to make Marshal by Norah Gaughan. I ordered some Cascade 220 Fingering in Olive Oil to make it. In the meantime I have some other projects to keep me busy. More on those soon!