From the fella’s knitting queue

A couple of weeks ago when I said I didn’t know what to knit Matt immediately had some suggestions for me. Socks, sweater, or the navy arm warmers he’s been wanting. Of course he would have a list. The man has an insatiable appetite for hand knits. arm warmersThe yarn is something unpronounceable to me that I won in a holiday swap a few years back. While not really navy, it’s the closest I had in my stash. I don’t know if I’ve stated this publicly, but I might try to knit the whole summer from my stash. This would be a pretty big feat for me. I might have to allow an exception for a birthday yarn purchase mid-July, but this is my goal. I won’t go into the politics of maternity leave in the United States, but for most people it’s completely unpaid (I’m in this category) and it is requiring some definite budget discipline for us. Luckily I’ve spent years stashing like yarn was going out of style and I have a nice under-the-bed stashed yarn cave to choose from. arm warmers-4I am thinking of writing up this pattern when I get the time. I just did some hand charts on graph paper and went with it. I had to rip it a couple of times because I didn’t like the size first, then the way the chevron looked, but I’m satisfied with the finished result and it barely about 190 yards of fingering weight yarn. arm warmers-2Now to think of a name…It’s so hard to name things.

TTTKAL progress coming soon!

Yarn, reclaimed

Guess what begins today? I’m very excited to participate in the Tops, Tees, and Tanks Knitalong (TTTKAL) put on by Shannon. I almost forgot it was happening since I’ve been behind on blog reading, but I saw stirrings about it on Instagram and started planning. This year I want to make a Togue Pond. It’s a simple tank with a bit of a hi-lo style. I don’t have Aran weight linen like the pattern calls for, but I did happen to have a top I’ve been dying to rip out to reclaim the yarn. I made a Curve Hem Top when I was pregnant with Zooey and I never liked it post-maternity. The yarn is Brown Sheep Cotton Fleece (80% cotton, 20% merino) in a worsted weight. It was knit at 5 sts per inch for that top and I’m just going to make a size 48″ in Togue Pond to get the 36″ at my gauge. I had a leftover ball so I could start today, but I needed to rip out the top and freshen the used yarn a bit. reclaim-5
First I wound it around my swift as I ripped it out. Then I tied up the hanks. reclaim-2I put them in some water with wool wash for a nice soak. reclaim-3And after an hour or so I pulled them out, rolled them up in a towel like I would with a finished knit, and I whacked the hanks against the bathtub to straighten them out a bit. They’re drying now. In the meantime, I cast on with the unused ball I had in my stash. reclaim-4I also have finished arm warmers to show soon. They’re blocked and just awaiting a photograph to do them justice. Getting some of my knitting mojo back!


Little feet keep growing

kiddo kicks-2Last winter Z outgrew all of her hand knit socks, so I’m working on getting a few pairs ready for next winter. The pattern is my Kiddo Kicks and I’m making the 3-5 year size for her since she turns three this summer. Yikes! Where does the time go?!kiddo kicks-3
The majority of the yarn is Shibui Sock in Sand and some long ago leftover Louet Gems Pearl Fingering weight in Brown for the top of the cuff. Zooey did not want to put these on to try yet, but she did want them in her drawer, so I’ll take that as a good sign. I think about 3 more pairs (making a total of 5) would do her well for the next cold season. For Charlotte I will probably whip up some tube socks since her feet will be growing at lightning speed.

Somehow I’ve temporarily morphed into a monogamous knitter! When I finished Breezy these socks were the only thing left on my needles and when I finished them I started some arm warmers for Matt. As soon as I said I didn’t know what to knit he supplied me with several requests including a new sweater, socks, or often requested arm warmers. I can always count on him to have a list of knits that he wants. I decided arm warmers would be the most interesting right now since I could quickly design them. After a little revision I settled on something he and I both like and I’ll have them finished to show off soon.

Sweater for a post-baby body

breezyMy second Breezy Cardigan is finished. I just did a quick steam blocking on this since I wanted to put this on while the weather is still cool enough in the early mornings and evenings to wear it. breezy-2I used Rowan Felted Tweed in Watery. This yarn is classified as DK so I did this on a size 5 needle and got a 5 st to the inch gauge. I did some algebra to figure out how many stitches should be in each section. Since this pattern provides a schematic with measurements all you have to do is take the number of inches for a section and multiply by the number of stitches in your gauge to get the number for each section. If you want a 12″ sleeve you multiply by 5 sts per inch and know that you’ll need 60 sts around your sleeve to get that measurement. Sometimes the altered gauge has numbers pretty close to another size in the pattern and I just follow the numbers for that size. breezy-3Loose fitted knits are my friend right now. Postpartum bodies are squishy weird things that take time to recover. It can be a slap in the face when 99% of your clothes don’t fit. I’m still rocking some maternity jeans since they’re the only ones that fit. It took me two years to lose all the baby weight from Zooey. I plan on working at things a little faster this time since I gained less weight with Charlotte, but in the meantime I’m trying to stay patient and positive. Healing is hard enough at this point. breezy-4Breezy is a wonderful pattern. It’s simple to execute and I LOVE wearing this design. The blanket-like fronts are excellent for cuddling small babies and toddlers as well. Zooey often asks to “get in my sweater” and I love snuggling with her in that way. breezy-5So go knit one, already!

Cover up those baby butts

Oh hai.

Oh hai.

I’m so pleased that all the knits from my last post are going to good homes. The overstuffed cedar chest in my house is breathing a sigh of relief as well. In the meantime I was knitting on some baby pants in the background. Though I’m thisclose to finishing Breezy (maybe 1.5 inches of ribbing on the collar), we had a cold night last night and are having a few more coming up. I know knitting for newborns only lasts 5 minutes, but since these just took a day and some leftover sock yarn to whip up, isn’t that worth it? baby pantsThese are inspired by Ze Tiny Pants, a free pattern on Ravelry. I changed most of it and tried to take some good notes this time because I always regret when I haven’t done that for myself. I added short rows to the butt for the curve. Hard to see, but I tried to capture it here: baby pants-5I did mirrored increases on the front around the center two stitches. baby pants-4I used some leftover Vice Carnal in Corpses Christi and some Anzula Squishy in Teal. This used 39.2 grams of fingering weight yarn, or about 160 yards of yarn. I’ve been bad about keeping up with remaining yarn weights after finishing projects so I don’t know exactly how much I used of either yarn. baby pants-3I feel happy knowing she has a snuggly wool layer to put over her sleepers for the next few nights. We are cosleeping and that means no blankets above adult waists, and no swaddling for baby. I’ve heard rumors of a colder than usual May and June, so maybe she will actually wear these for awhile.

Moving sale–All SOLD!

I’ve never done this before, but I forced myself to sort through knits and have decided to eliminate a few since we will be moving soon and it seems like a good time to honestly assess what needs to continue to be carted around. These are knits I loved creating, but have hardly ever (or never) put to use. I am not selling these for a profit. I am selling them solely at the cost of the yarn or less. If you’re interested leave me a comment. The first person to comment gets the item unless they fail to make a PayPal payment within 24 hours, and then I’ll move to the next commenter for the item. I’m sorry, but I won’t be shipping internationally. Only United States buyers please.

The dress form shown has a 35″ bust for size reference. All items have been stored in a cedar chest inside plastic bags.

Stripe Study–SOLDstripe study

stripe study-3

This has one small repair spot shown at the bottom right.

stripe study-5 stripe study-4

stripe study-2
See my Ravelry project page  for specific yarn details. It’s an asymmetrical shawl. I love the colors together but they just never really fit into my wardrobe. I’m selling this one for $45 + $9 shipping cost. Total is $54 that can be payed to in PayPal.


lolita-3 lolita-2
This vest is made from Sublime Tussah Silk. It has a bit of sheen that you can see in the middle picture. I’m selling this for $32 + $6 shipping, for a total of $38 that can be payed to in PayPal. See this project page for more finished pictures. It’s a size small, but the armholes are 18″ in circumference, making the sizing more flexible.

Honeybee Cardigan — SOLDhoneybee

honeybee-3 honeybee-2

I made the cropped version of this design. I followed the pattern for a 33″ bust size, but it stretches quite a bit. On my project page you can see it easily accommodating a 38″ pregnancy bust. Length from armpit to bottom of cardigan is 7.5″. Sleeves are 11.5″ in length. Sleeve width is 10″, but on my project page my arms are about 12″ around. The color is also more like the photos on the project page since they are captured in natural light. Selling this one for $40 + $6 shipping for a total of $46 that can be paid to on PayPal.


visionvision-3 vision-2This was such a fun piece to make. It is made from Rowan Kidsilk Haze. See my project page here for a shot of this with clothing. I just never really wore it. It might be a bit too elegant for me. I’m selling this one for $30 + $5 shipping for a total of $35 payable to on PayPal.

February Lady–SOLDfebruary lady

february lady-3 february lady-2This one was never worn. It was all done except for buttons for years and after I got around to finishing it I wasn’t really in love with it anymore. It’s a 35″ chest size made with Berroco Ultra Alpaca. This one doesn’t have a project page on Ravelry because I made it before I was diligent about cataloging projects. I did add some length to the original pattern on the body. It’s 18″ from armpit to the bottom of the cardigan. Sleeves are 12″ in length and 12″ in circumference. This one is $50 plus $10 shipping for a total of $60 payable to on PayPal.

If you are interested please leave a comment. I’ll reply to that comment saying it’s yours. When you make a PayPal payment include your name and full address in the notes to me. If payment is not received within 24 hours of the comment I’ll move to the next person that wishes to buy the item. All sales are final.

One week later


I promise this won’t turn into a baby-centric blog, but my world is a bit baby-centric right for the moment. Just a week ago today this little nugget was born. We are so fully in love with her. This is one of the best parts of new parenting–having a sweet dozing baby on your chest.

We are getting the hang of things. Day 4 and 5 postpartum were rough ones with some of the rockiest emotions I can ever remember having. The hormonal storm has subsided and even though we are lacking some sleep, we are slipping into some quiet contentment.


Zooey is hanging in there. She seems ambivalent about Charlotte some of the time and enamored with her at others. It will take some getting used to and we are being accepting of all of her feelings. She seems like such a big kiddo now, having conversations, and learning so quickly.


Charlotte smiles in her sleep often. She’s completely addictive. I can already tell she’s grown in a week and is gaining well. I’m just trying to savor this time as much as possible.

I’m still able to do some knitting while she sleeps on my chest. I’m about to bind off the Breezy cardigan sleeves and start on the enormous front bands. More soon!