So he drinks all day and cats it up at night…We still love him. Tearing up shit. Shitting up shit, well, just the linoleum floor, but regardless, he’s a rebellious adolescent and we don’t know what to do with him.

Mr. Seeds has four vices: turkey, vodka, string, and cigarettes. We catch him stealing our booze and stealing cigarettes from the gas station down the street, and there’s just no stopping him.

We find him passed out most mornings, or completely “crunk” as he calls it. Most of the time when we try out interventions we get ass-in-the-face-tail-jerk combos that are so disheartening. It’s a cry for help, but we don’t know how to handle him.

Here are his parents…trying desperately to try to break through to his delicate adolescent feline psyche. He’s got mother issues, apparently. Maybe an Oedipus complex? I don’t know.

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