Lazy blogger that I am I have neglected to show these as finished objects, only in process. I’m totally absorbed in The Lost Room right now and I don’t feel like coming up for air. It’s crazy. I greatly admire the imaginative mind behind it. Right now I’m working on the adorable Give a Hoot mittens in Mission Falls 1824 Wool for a gift exchange coming up next weekend. I’m hoping people fight for them. I’m very grateful to Kelbourne Woolens and Kate from Zeitgeist Yarns for providing the pattern. So begins the parade:

Here is one of my second pair of Endpaper Mitts:


I swear they’re both done. I just felt bad for making Drew take a million pics until I was satisfied, so I photographed this one myself. I can’t remember the yarns exactly. I’ll try to post more accurately on my ravelry page soon.

This is the finished Clapotis. Still unblocked. Yes, I’m a bad girl. The color is a little more green than this photo. It’s Malabrigo worsted in Water Green. Soft as butter and oh so warm. It’s a bit fuzzy now, but I don’t mind.


I added 2-3 repeats to the length, but otherwise followed the pattern fairly precisely.

Last but not least, the Mustard Hat from Rebecca 32 in a very un-mustard color. This is Manos in a Stone color. I can’t remember the exact name, but it’s a delightful grey green with a bit of reddish hue now and then.


It’s also getting a bit fuzzy, but it’s nice and cozy. It’s done in Fisherman’s Rib and was a bit weird at first, but this is the fourth Mustard Hat I’ve made, so there must be something I like about it.

I probably won’t be posting for awhile because I’ve got end of the semester projects and a final to study for. Wish me luck! I’m sure I’ll still be reading blogs and commenting. I can’t seem to take a break from that. It’s my go-to procrastination move.

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