I have a problem. A sock yarn problem. I just can’t get enough of it. When will I ever make all these pairs?! Why do I love it so much? Maybe I’m having an existential knitting crisis. I love the promise of sock yarn. When I’m just itching to buy yarn, sock yarn always seems like a safe bet because I know it will be just the right amount. So many times I have fallen in love with  yarn and bought some just to buy it and then I have no project in mind and it hangs out in my stash for perhaps all of eternity. Sock yarn has so much potential. It can make plain workhorse socks, elegant lace, fun and funky socks, or an endless list of possibilities. I find the whole process comforting. I’m sure you don’t need convincing, dear reader.

Today I bought five skeins of sock yarn. Yes, I need help. I’ve been coveting this colorway of Opal Hundertwasser for awhile now and it seems to be getting harder to find…so I bought two skeins. Just in case. Then I bought a skein of Opal Rainforest in the Toucan colorway. I bought this skein so I could teach Drew how to make socks, and he’s agreed. I’m so excited! I know some people aren’t crazy about self-patterning yarns, but it makes a nice and colorful mindless project that you can take anywhere. I’m also motivated by the way the pattern unfolds. It keeps me knitting just a few more rows, and keeps the socks moving quickly.

I also was curious about Lion Brand Sock Ease, and I needed new sock yarn in hand today, so I went out and picked this up:yellowhappy

Ah, the temptation of a pair of socks for ten dollars. It’s 75% wool and 25% nylon like Regia and Opal, so I will see how it holds up in comparison. The yarn is also finished with aloe vera to moisturize your hands as you knit. I’ll keep you posted.

And just for fun:


I dub it the Arkansas Parking Brake.

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