Hello. I discovered some knitting therapy in the form of Ishbel. We’re in love, even though I had to tear back most of the project just as I got to the lace because my numbers were off. Why oh why don’t I count sooner? Blind knitting confidence. She is red, a color I don’t usually choose for much knitting or clothing, but I’m loving it so far. I need to post pics, I know. I’m sure these posts seem lifeless with no color. I have only my banter to rely on. Notice I didn’t claim it was witty…

The socks and hat are on hold. I just can’t seem to get back into them. I think I do that with socks. I make three or four pairs and then I’m burnt out on them for a good long while. I need to start thinking of summer projects. Any suggestions? I’m thinking the Razor Cami will have to be toward the top of the list, perhaps with some silk or bamboo sock yarn.

In other news…I got accepted to the PhD program at the University of Arkansas for counselor education. I’m very excited! Four more years…I could also be crazy. Very glad to have the inteview process over. Now I just have to look into those fellowships. They didn’t keep me in suspense very long. I got an email within an hour of my interview saying I had been accepted. Great for instant gratification lovers like me.

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