Hanging at the airport in NW Arkansas waiting for my flight to Chicago that will connect me with a flight to Buffalo that will connect me with a young Canadian fellow who will take me to Toronto. This is a pretty last-minute and spontaneous trip. I’ve never been to Canada and I’m really excited.

The plans so far are to visit the African safari where my friend Greg works, try and see Passion Pit tomorrow night, visit Lettuce Knit in Toronto, and just see what else happens. I expect that Greg has many plans to squire me about town and introduce me to his friends.

I’ve been working on the Minimalist Cardigan almost monogamously for the past week. I even knitted during Julia & Julia yesterday with no mistakes. There’s an Ishbel hanging out on the needles, and a pair of socks at the gusset decrease stage as well. I’ve been horrible with the progress shots lately.

I’m considering investing in a nice SLR camera, but I want some guidance because I have a tendency to get crazy and buy more than I’ll really need from a camera. I think that could inspire me to blog a bit more than once a month… Any favorites or recs?

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