Yo. I totally have swine flu. It’s definitely not fun, but it’s been kind of nice being forced into taking it easy at my apartment. Sometimes I’m going crazy and want to claw the walls because I miss my friends and fun activities tremendously. Other times it’s nice not to have to keep up with witty banter while in a medicinal fog. I should be doing schoolwork, for sure.

Instead… I made a hat, and wrote out the pattern. I’ve never written a pattern meant for mass knitterly consumption, so I was wondering if anyone felt like giving it a test run and giving me a few pointers on parts of the pattern that may be unclear.  It’s an ear flap hat with a ridiculously fun and jaunty pom pom, a welcome addition to any knitted cap/hat/toque collection I hope. I plan on putting up the pattern on my 3rd blogiversary (Oct. 20th) with some fun pics of it, for free of course. If you volunteer to test knit I’ll send a most likely less-than-stellar picture of myself wearing the hat so you can see what it looks like at least.  If you don’t want to knit it, but instead just want to look over the pattern and give me some feedback, that would be welcome too.

In the meantime I’ll be on my couch, maybe watching scary flicks to prepare for Halloween (Rosemary’s Baby was last night), and knitting to my heart’s content whilst continuing to procrastinate about more pressing school things. But hey…I have swine flu. In the oft used words of my friend Greg, “Gimme a break!”

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