Feeling Fairly Fair Isle…

This is a preview of a fair isle hat I designed. It will be available in three sizes for FREE on this blog once I finish writing up the pattern and test knitting all the sizes.

It is modeled here by the lovely Miss Lindsay Smallwood in the small size. I haven’t settled on a name, but I’m thinking of calling it Zooey. Any other ideas? I’m hoping to have this up by Valentine’s Day, since there isn’t that much cold weather in the season (hopefully). Maybe I’ll make some matching mittens or arm warmers and call them Franny… haha.

3 thoughts on “Feeling Fairly Fair Isle…

  1. Yay for more hats! That is very cute…I’ve tried (and failed at) fairisle once before, but I may have to try again for this :D

    Oh did you see my blog post on Bibbity Bobbity? Posted it last night but haven’t PM’d you on Ravelry yet!

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