Future Still Light Tunic

This year I am joining the ranks of the ambitious knitters that dare to knit a 50,000+ sweater in the month of November. I have chosen the Still Light Tunic by Veera Välimäki. I have been captivated by the Ella Rae Lace Merino shown above (color number 9) for over a year. I was toying with the idea of buying it last fall, but I didn’t have a project worthy of it yet. After continuing to drool over it for months, I decided to just buy it with the idea that I would knit a lightweight cardigan. Then I saw Still Light, and I knew they had to be paired.

Though this yarn is technically categorized as a lace, scores of knitters on Ravelry say it’s more like a fingering (which the pattern calls for), so I decided to just swatch and go with it. I have more than enough yardage. I decided to cast on provisionally so that I can have a sturdy seam at the top as advised by this post. I think the stockinette will be conducive to studying as the end of the semester looms near. Now, can I actually knit a tunic out of fingering weight in a month and not lose my mind?

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