On my way home from my Law & Public Policy class today there was a break in the recent downpour, so I decided to head back out and take a few pictures of the changing trees in my neighborhood.

We are lucky in Arkansas to have upper 50’s and 60’s (Fahrenheit) weather right now. It’s balmy, with an earthquake (yes, earthquake) here and there. We’ve had two earthquakes that we could actually feel in the last few days that originated in Oklahoma. It’s pretty freaky, but mild so far.

Here are some pictures from my neighborhood:

Oh, and for a NaKniSweMo update…

This color defies me when it comes to rendering it correctly on the screen. In real life it’s gorgeous and alternates between looking more gold sometimes and looking more green at others.

I’m almost through the first set of increases. It’s already day 8 of this challenge (yikes!) out of 30. I feel I should be further along, but alas, other life happens. Last weekend my hands were throbbing after a Sunday full of hours of knitting. I begged the fella for a hand massage, and like the good fella he is, he graciously obliged.

I’m still happy I chose the Still Light Tunic. I think she’s going to make me feel pretty when this is over, and maybe I’ll even finish in time to wear it to Thanksgiving events. I am nothing if not an optimist!

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