This baby is FINISHED. I started Larch Cardigan by Amy Christoffers last February or March. After setting her aside for numerous other ventures, she is finished. I reknit the collar several times. Lesson to be learned: hey, read the full pattern. Then read it again. Then read it one more time.

That collar is totally worth it.

I knit this in the exact yarn called for in the pattern, even the same color. That’s how much I like Amy’s taste. It’s Berroco Ultra Alpaca Light in Tupelo. It’s not the softest yarn ever created, but it sure is warm. I think alpaca makes me itch. Just a little.

A lady never forgets her first set-in sleeves. They were relatively drama free. I did all the other finishing and weaving in of ends first, then I watched this Berroco video that is narrated by Cirilla Rose and shows how to make a very nice seam. They weren’t scary, despite the groans I’ve heard emitted from women in the yarn shop about how much they don’t like these sleeves.

I will be redoing my little crochet button loops, but that’s for another day. I should have made them a little bit longer.

Um, we took a lot of pictures. Or at least my fella did.

I freaking love this sweater. I will wear it every week until it is no longer cold.

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