Ok, ok. This dress is for no little sister, but it is called Little Sister’s Dress. I think the Norwegian version of the name looks cooler: Kjole til lillesøster. This dress is by Tora Frøseth. It’s free on Ravelry and is a snap to make.

I had it in my favorites for a long time. Unfortunately, when I first pulled up the pattern and started knitting, I neglected to see the cute little “update” button in my Ravelry library. I was using the first version, which had a few errors. I got almost to the armpits (from the top) and then had to tear out. At least it’s a tiny baby garment. I made the six month version. That should time about right with the spring if she’s true to the six month size. I have no idea about these things with babies. This is my first (and maybe only) kiddo. I’ve heard that babies often quickly outgrow the expected monthly sizes, but I tried this on a friend’s baby when it was in process and she is about 14 months and it fit her with no problem. Who knows.

I am obviously no great crocheter. The button area has a crocheted edge. If you look at the dress in the Ravelry link for the pattern, the original is much much neater. I might redo this at some point. I also think I made the loops a bit too short, so they pull the buttons closer than they should be. For now, I’m just going to live with both of these.

The color is pretty accurate in these photos. The yarn is Dream in Color Starry and the color is Melon Bomb. A piddly phone camera does NOT capture this color well as I discovered several times when I tried to post to Instagram while it was in progress. The yarn has actual silver strands woven in it. I never thought of myself as a sparkly yarn kinda gal, but it’s not over the top in the sparkly department. I think I have enough left over to make some Tiny Shoes to match!

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