This is the progress I have made so far on the Pinwheel Baby Blanket. My Curve Hem Top was seamed up this morning and worn today, but I’m waiting for a good time in the day to get a shot of it when the fella can help me out. I planned on taking a picture of it Thursday morning on a little trip to my parent’s house. I was diligently weaving in the ends and pinning the side for the mattress stitch Wednesday night at their house, and then I remembered that I had left the yarn at home, so I had nothing to seam it with. ARGH. Let’s call it pregnancy brain and move on.

See how different the colors in the skeins are above? The two wound ones were purchased at my LYS, Hand Held Knitting. The super red skein was purchased online from The Loopy Ewe since Hand Held had only two skeins. I figured different dye lots would be fairly different, and the yarn labels even say to alternate skeins within one dye lot. I didn’t expect that one skein could be almost completely purple, and another could be so red! I’m just going to go with it though. The first skein is very purple, the second is a pretty good mix, and the third almost lacks purple. I’m just going to enjoy the changes from the inside out. One of the most fun things about these blankets is watching them grow with great variety.

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