At a time when I feel so very un-featherweight (aka 28 weeks pregnant), working with this yarn and pattern has been delightful. This is the Featherweight Cardigan by Hannah Fettig, available on Ravelry as a single pattern, or part of a book called Knitbot Essentials. I looked through many of the Knitbot patterns, and I like most of them because they seem easily wearable in most wardrobes. The more experience I have with knitting, the better I get at assessing what pieces will actually get a lot of use when I finish them. I think Featherweight is definitely a piece that will get a lot of use.

The yarn is the delightful Classic Elite Silky Alpaca Lace in color 2420. Each ball is 460 yards, so I feel pretty proud that I knit almost an entire ball of it in just a week. The yarn has a nice hand, and I keep rubbing the fabric against my face because it feels so light and cuddly. I am at about 12″ from the armpit to the bottom of the sweater. I was supposed to stop at 8″ or so, but since I have a pretty long waist, and this cardigan is cropped a little bit shorter than I would like, I have continued knitting. I think I’ll consider starting the bottom ribbing in another half to full inch, making my total length from armpit to bottom more like 15 inches.

I should also be considering how much this will block…but since I’m too lazy to block swatches like I would the finished product, it remains a mystery for now. I’m hoping to get this all out of two balls (920 yards). After the bottom ribbing it’s just the sleeves and the collar. For both of those, I plan to stick to the pattern’s plan, so I’m hopeful that I can get this done with two balls and keep the cost of the sweater around twenty dollars. I do have another ball of yarn set back at the store, just in case…

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