Did you ever play that game where you say “Light as a feather, stiff as a board,” repeatedly while surrounding a person that lies flat and lifting up that friend with everyone using one or two fingers? This seemed to be a middle school sleepover staple. I guess the secret was that though the four or five girls were only using maybe an index finger and middle finger to lift the one in the middle, those are the fingers that hold most of the weight anyway. I hope I haven’t shattered any dreams. I was just musing about the phrase.

My Featherweight Cardigan is finito! I’m proud of myself for making an effort to consistently post everything that I finish here and on Ravelry as well. I always mean to do these things, but there are lots of projects, especially gifts, that never get any publicity.

In short, I love this sweater. The yarn, Classic Elite Silky Alpaca Lace in Beach Glass, was a joy to knit with and felt soft as I knit it up. It did not grow in a scary way when I blocked it at all. I did block out the sleeves a little more than I normally would to make them fit me in my preggo state. The pattern is error free and really easy. It seemed I only had to look at it a few times, because there isn’t any shaping on the body and relatively little on the arms. You can knit most of it without thinking.

I didn’t have a lot of yarn left, but I got it out of only two balls, making this a slightly-under-twenty-dollars sweater. Hooray! I added a few inches to the body length as well. I’m long-waisted, so the crop of this cardigan would have seemed really cropped on me, and I just made a cropped cardigan, so I opted to lengthen this one. The pattern is well worth buying, and I’ll probably make at least one or two more. I might already have some Linie 33 Cosmo sock yarn in teal (I’m trying to expand the color scheme, okay?) set back at my LYS to buy this week for another one. It’s the same yarn I’m using on the toes and heels and argyle pattern of Matt’s new socks and I just also might make a February Baby Sweater out of the same yarn. Matchy matchy family. I swear, I’m not on the road to being a super cheesy parent…

The blocking is a bit rough. Maybe one of these days I’ll get those mysterious blocking wires so that I can have nice straight edges. There are a few waves in the front of the ribbing from some of the pins, and a few more on the sides as well. What you might not be able to tell about these pictures is that mosquitos were biting the hell out of me at the time. In between moving around and smiling I was itching my legs like crazy. Apparently they’re twice as attracted to pregnant women. ARGH. I think I got twenty bites or more in the 15 or so minutes we were out shooting the pics.

As for this thing being light…it weighs less than 100 grams, which seems about as much (or less) as my toothbrush.

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