I feel totally spoiled, in an awesome and fantastic way. My birthday is Saturday. I’ll be 31. Obviously I drop hints like a madwoman when birthdays or Christmas come around because all I want is yarn, or yarn-related equipment most of the time. It’s working… My dear friend Kathleen made my heart go pitter-patter, totally aflutter with this amazing sock yarn from Hazel Knits in Hoppy Blonde.

She also got me a fun little piggy bank to save up for my yarn.

I’m not sure how good I’ll be at saving up for yarn, since I so often give into impulse…but it’s a cute gift, nonetheless.

There was some other random yarny goodness that came about this week. I ready Amy Herzog’s blog and she posted on her birthday on the 21st of June. I wished her a happy birthday and ended up winning some yarn from her for leaving a comment. Good birthday karma, I guess. It’s some gorgeous Fiesta La Luz 100% silk DK weight yarn. I won three skeins, which is 630 yards.

I’ve got to think of some amazing projects for all of this loveliness!

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