I’m thirty-one today. It’s also Bastille Day. I’d like to believe I was born on this day to be revolutionary. I’m working on this bit by bit.

This has been an excellent year, and I anticipate an even better one to come. I’m having my first baby, I’m engaged to a man I both love and admire, I will be doing the bulk of my dissertation on a topic I am deeply passionate about, and I plan on continuing to knit like a fiend and do more designing. Those are just the big things. The every day is also filled with small joys.

While continuing to look for peace in a chaotic month (work, moving, writing three chapters of my dissertation in five weeks, and month 8-9 of gestation) I am still knitting, of course.

For a couple of weeks I was churning out a pair of socks a week. I love going at that pace. These have been a little slower since I added 8 hours of summer school a week to my repertoire last week. They are the Staccato Socks by Veronik Avery. Luckily summer school is only 5 weeks long, and so far I have been able to work on my Featherweight while listening to lecture. I don’t work on the socks in class since they require me to look down. The Featherweight is almost totally eyes-free as I plug away on the body length. I have to do a lot of reading and writing for this class. We are expected to write the first three chapters of our dissertation, outline the fourth, and do a 10 page review of someone else’s dissertation. This definitely occupies my hands more than I would like as I’m frantically highlighting articles and taking notes. I will survive.

I’m also moving the last weekend of this month. We haven’t packed that much besides books… No biggie, right? Yeah, I’m going to be knitting as much as I can for sanity.

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