These socks lived on my needles for a looooong time. They felt like quite the albatross around my neck at times. This yarn started out as Copper Penny Socks, but when I picked them up to work on them again there was a tiny hole in the toe area and I wasn’t even to the heel flap yet. I explained this more fully in this post. I cut those socks off from the ball and started anew as stockinette.

I believe the yarn from this particular Etsy vendor was weakened before I got it, since the Monkey Socks I made with her yarn also developed a hole within two wears. I believed this more and more as I was working to finish these socks. I had to repair at least four weak spots. By this I mean that I came to several areas that were frayed down to a tiny strand. I cut these parts out and Russian joined the ends together. This was incredibly frustrating, especially the one that was two rows before I planned to bind off. I don’t know if these socks will hold up at all, but I was determined to finish them anyway. I’m not sure if this is moth damage or just a poor yarn base. I am so terrified of moths. Most of my stash is inside bags inside a plastic container, which also contains little satchets of lavender flowers for good measure. I have little hunters (aka cats) that take down moths on a regular basis as well.

Well, at least they’re done. I still love the colors. I wish I knew they were going to be sturdy.

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