I finished these on the 27th of July, two days before the move, and three days before I went into labor. Now that things have calmed slightly, Z is sleeping copiously and I am catching up on some sleep too. I had a second to coax Matt to take pictures for the blog.

The pattern is mine. It’s called Tuxedo because the lace pattern makes me think of ruffles on a tuxedo shirt from the 70s. It’s done from the toe up and the lace pattern is really easy to memorize. You could do it from the top down, but the lace would be pointed in the opposite direction. The yarn is Koigu. I can’t seem to find this colorway on their site anymore. I took a picture of the label on my Ravelry project page if that helps anyone to track it down. I think I may have purchased this yarn while in Toronto in 2009 at Lettuce Knit, but I really can’t be certain. Sorry for all the fuzzy yarn details.

These pics are taken in our new house. I’m happy to have wood floors. So little is unpacked. Our friend, Susan, unpacked the kitchen while we were in the hospital. That made a HUGE difference when we got home. We’ve also had friends bringing us meals nearly every night since Z arrived. The generosity of our friends has made this transition so much easier. We are tremendously grateful.

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