I’m starting to get some knitting groove back. I placated myself with simple stockinette socks for my brother and the Featherweight Cardigan mindlessness for a couple of days. Then, this gorgeous Saffron yarn in Artisan Sock by Hazel Knits kept bugging me. It was on the shelf in the living room whispering about how wonderful its color is, essentially taunting me. I had earmarked it for a Damask shawl. I was a little scared to undertake this because it seemed like some serious lace. Like, lace that you always have to keep your mind on or you’re left in a crying little puddle when you mess up over and over.

Well, I started it and I adore it. It’s actually more intuitive than you think. I was first intimidated by the 17 pages of pattern. This is because Kittman Figueroa gives you a chart and written out version for every pattern row. I am not a huge fan of knitting the purl-seven-together nupps, but I think they look nice. So far, I’ve only made tiny mistakes and I’ve caught them on the same or next row. Thank goodness newborns sleep so much.

I’m on row 47 or 124 for the small size, and the rows decrease as you go, so I might even call myself halfway done. I wish I’d had 40 more yards in this skein to make the medium size. I thought about trying it anyway, but it seemed like most Ravelry folks did use more than 400 yards, so it was deemed too risky.

It’s nice to know my brain is still up to this kind of performance.

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