A couple of days ago I began to work on Z’s Halloween costume. She will be 3 months exactly on Halloween. A few months ago the idea of a mermaid tail popped into my head, and stuck. I’m making the pattern up as I go along. Yesterday I ripped out the scaled part a couple of times trying to get it to look right. This was my first try:


I’m making this out of Dream in Color Starry in the color Blue Sage. It has little silver fibers spun with the merino to make a slight sparkle. I bought this a couple years ago. Dream in Color no longer makes Starry with actual silver, which makes me a little sad. One of the salesmen that comes to Hand Held told us that it became to expensive to use actual silver. It’s gorgeous yarn either way.

Halloween is probably my favorite holiday, and though Z is only going to be 3 months old on this coming one, I know having a daughter is going to make my future Halloweens much more fun and rich. I can’t wait.

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