Sometimes a wee one just needs some leg warmers. Z is almost 7 weeks old, and in September is beginning to be a bit chilly at times. I called them Lil’ Kicks because she is always wiggling and kicking around. I can’t believe how strong she is already!

I whipped these up in a few hours to keep her legs warm when she’s wearing only a onesie. It seems that taking pants on and off a baby for frequent diaper changes is an ordeal, and she’s not really fond of being dressed.

Edited to add: The yarn I used is Tosh DK in Chambray. For the smallest size it took about 41 grams of yarn, or approximately 80 yards in this yarn. This project would be great for leftover yarns. Tosh DK has the added bonus of being superwash for those times when Z decides she has to pee while we’re hanging her…

I think the warmers look like little elephant trunks. You can find the pattern on Ravelry here or click to buy:

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