Yep, she’s still on the needles. I started this sweater at the tail end of June, and now almost three months later I’m finally getting to the sleeves. This is my second Featherweight. For the first I went with ribbing on the collar, cuffs, and bottom of the sweater. I decided to keep it really simple and go with garter on this version.

This one is also in a sock weight, making it much easier to knit. I like the CEY Silky Alpaca that I used earlier, but it was difficult to knit quickly with that yarn. Now I’m using ONLine Linie Cosmo and it’s nice and squishy and very easy to knit. Since I’ve gotten to wear the laceweight version a few times as it gets chilly here, I’m eager to finish the sock weight version. 

I can’t stand doing sleeves or socks one at a time, so with some fanangling (technical term) I got them all on my 47″ size 5’s. Here’s hoping it will fly by so I can get back to that mermaid tail. 

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