Ok, ok…not everything is bad. I’ll start with what’s great: Obama was reelected, women made some great strides in the Senate with this election, and my fella was reelected for city council here (as soon as the official results are out). Those are all fantastic things in my opinion.

In my knitterly corner of the world, however, things are a bit darker. Last night on our way out to a Democrat watch party I discovered that my beloved Still Light Tunic, last year’s NaKniSweMo project, had a small hole! My mom saw it. I pulled out some of the matching yarn and started to fix it and discovered ANOTHER ONE. I don’t know if this is moth related, but I suspect.

It gets worse though. Today I decided to wash my Featherweight. I figured some time in the gentle cycle was no problem for this superwash yarn since Matt has socks made with the same yarn and we’ve washed and dried them several times. Well, I don’t know what was up with the laundry today, but the sweater and Matt’s socks came out a little fulled. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! It’s definitely still wearable, but it’s a bit of a fuzzy mess. Superwash no longer feels safe.

Ok, it still gets worse. I decided to pull out my Larch Cardigan since it seemed weather appropriate today. IT HAS A HOLE TOO. I wish I was making this up. I would post pictures, but I think that would depress me even more. It’s a small hole and seems like a cut rather than a moth, but I don’t know because I’ve never had this problem before. I’m not sure what kind of bad juju I worked up to deserve this knitterly misery, but it sucks and seemed to hit all at once. My mom said I could have one of her cedar chests for sweater storage, so that alleviates some of my worry for the future of my sweaters. I refuse to use moth balls because the smell makes me gag. I plan on getting more lavender and maybe cedar balls for storage with my stash, but that is all in plastic bins, so I feel ok about it for the most part. Not gonna lie, I cried. Though I can repair the holes with matching yarn, it’s still disheartening.

Now for something more pleasant. My yarn for my NaKniSweMo for this year finally shipped today. As I mentioned in this post, I plan on making the Rocky Coast Cardigan with sock weight yarn rather than worsted weight yarn. I need to study both the child and adult patterns to get my numbers right, but I swatched with some leftover yarn in the same brand and weight to get an idea in the meantime.

I swatched on a 5, a 6, and a 7 size US needle. The size 5 swatch is at the cast on edge until the purl row and they progress upward. I think I will go with the 5 or 6. I want great stitch definition, and I think either will retain that as well as drape when blocked. I will probably use most of the numbers from the Tiny Rocky Coast pattern, but I need to consider that many making the adult version have had issues with sleeve and yoke so I may need to adjust some numbers there. I don’t know if this will be finished in November, but I’ll try anyway. I just can’t wait to get my hands on the yarn and cast on.

In case the beginning of this post bummed you out, I’ll leave you with some cuteness:

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