I’m not going to panic yet. This is five day’s work shown above. I’m about to enter my day 6 of this challenge, since I didn’t get my yarn until the 10th. I feel like I’ve been moving along fairly well, despite Z’s new short nap cycles. (We suspect teething).

Once the sleeves were separated from the body, that made the rows start to go much much faster. I think I’ll be able to make some good progress today. As mentioned before, I ended up making the largest size in the Tiny Rocky Coast, but I’m aiming for the schematics of the Rocky Coast Cardigan in the 36″ size.

If you’re a wacko like me that only wants to knit with sock weight yarn, I did one full additional increase row for the sweater, then I did additional increases on just the arms for the next 6 knit rows. I don’t want to give too much info about the pattern away, since it is for sale, but if you are working from the pattern you would be able to figure it out with that info. I wanted to make sure the arms were a bit wider and the yoke was a bit deeper, since many knitters had issue with that on the Rocky Coast. The author has included instructions for adjusting the sleeves and yoke on that pattern, so I kept that in mind when working on my Frankenstein version.

Once again, Oscar has inspected my work and I’m allowed to continue. Phew!

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