What’s going on with this Rocky Coast Cardigan? It looks like I’m knitting on two different parts at once. Well, I sort of am. Matt, Z, and I were in the car on the way to our first of three Thanksgivings and I was chugging along on the body. I realized I finally had enough length to do the ribbing. I checked my pattern. Lo and behold I should have remembered to bring a smaller needle for the ribbing. Oops.

What I had remembered was a 47″ size 5 needle to use when doing magic loop method on the sleeves. I was able to leave my 40″ needle in the body and start on my sleeves so I would not get behind on NaKniSweMo. Taking the baby to my parent’s house is prime knitting time because everyone wants to hold her (and even change the diapers) so I’m free to knit most of the time. I’m pretty close to the elbows last I checked and overall I’m feeling confident about my progress with 7 days left.

The needle and ball still attached at the bottom became a bit cumbersome every time I turned the sweater, so I rigged this:

Now they stay intact while I turn the sleeves. I’m really glad I added the additional stitches (about 2 inches worth) to the sleeves, as well as the yoke length. They definitely would be too snug if not for that.

Okay…just two more Thanksgiving dinners to go and about 5.5 hours to go in the car to get to those places. KNITTING TIME.

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