The end is nigh, people! I made the sleeves longer than the pattern called for because I wanted to make sure they went slightly past my wrists as I like to wear them. They’re 18.5 from armpit to cuff, so a full 2 inches more than the pattern called for. It took almost exactly one full ball of yarn. If you’re looking for more details on this project, check here. The deadline is too soon to keep rewriting them.

The sleeves weren’t quite at the 3.5 inch ribbing the pattern called for, but I said it was close enough because I really didn’t want to have to join a new ball of yarn just for a bind off!

After the bind off it looked pretty close to 3.5 inches. I might have had enough yarn to make it one more row (as shown in the picture), but it would have been really close, and I would rather be one row shorter and not have to rip out or join yarn for one more row.

Turns out though… I got a bit impulsive when snipping the yarn on my second cuff. I thought I had come to the end, but I had to turn and do the second side. Soooooo, I had to do a Russian join anyway.

Bleh. I don’t think it’s that noticeably thicker.

Here is the whole mamajama so far.

I have to do the bottom ribbing and pick up for the ribbing around the fronts and neckband. Oy! Just today and two more days after. I might not get a chance to block this before it’s photographed and called declared finished for the deadline.

If you need me I’ll be knitting!

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