I really like to show pictures of the items I knit being worn by the recipients, whenever possible, so here is a quick update on a little hat I whipped up a few months ago.


These lovely photographs were taken by my friend Natalie of the blog Natalie Creates. I want to live in her house and hang out with her chickens. Her life seems idyllic. Go check out her blog. It’s gorgeous.


The adorable little family in the pictures are some of our best friends, Carlos, Katy, and baby Moses. They were some of the first friends that had a baby, so we get lots of great parenting info from them and Moses is one of the cutest kiddos around. He’s one of those babies that makes you want to have a baby. They also conveniently live in our neighborhood, so we get to hang out with them a lot. We love you guys!

I have three projects on the needles and will update about them soon!

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