My mind is surprisingly alive and engaged even though I am knitting about a mile of stockinette on this sweater, or at least 1300 yards.

breezy prog-2

This is the fifth time I’ve worked on a Hannah Fettig sweater in the past year. Crazy, huh? I just think she’s got good style, I guess. I made two Featherweight Cardigans, a Tiny Rocky Coast, a Rocky Coast Cardigan, and this is an update on my Breezy Cardigan. I’m pretty sure my next sweater is going to be another one of her designs, because Matt gave me 1600 yards of this lovely yarn for Christmas!

Come to think of it, last year was a pretty good year for sweaters! I made 9 sweaters last year, if you count a Liesl tunic as a sweater. Three of these were baby things, but I’m quite chuffed at my knitting progress for last year. Excuse my British slang. I love it, and I just reread all of the Harry Potter books so it’s fresh in my mind. I’ve also been gorging on British shows on Hulu like Fresh Meat, Pramface, and Inbetweeners, as well as some good ol’ Downton Abbey while I knit all of this stockinette.

Happy Wednesday!

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