minimalistTa-da! I just keep pulling finished sweaters off the blocking board like I’m a magician! I swear I don’t have elves knitting these things. This one had been lounging in pieces with all but the sleeve caps knit since 2009 or so.

We had a couple of issues. I ran out of yarn before the sleeves, but the spare ball I got was a close enough match that I don’t think I’ll ever notice. Yeah, I didn’t stripe in the color on this one either. If it doesn’t seem totally necessary I don’t worry about it. Fearless knitting!


I think I also put off the finishing on this cardi because I was intimidated by seaming Moss stitch, especially in the shoulders. Last year, when I was finishing the Larch Cardigan, I watched this video narrated by Cirilia Rose that explains how to do set-in sleeves. They do require focus and I use a lot of my Clover locking stitch markers to keep the pieces pinned evenly while I seam, but they’re not impossible or even that scary anymore. Whoa…I think I don’t hate  seaming anymore, but it’s still not as fun as just knitting.


Yeah, that’s a stitch marker in my left ear. It’s conveniently close to a 12 gauge earring.

The yarn is Berocco Ultra Alpaca in Yucca Mix. I like it. I love the way the Ultra Alpaca Light has worn on my Larch Cardigan, so I expect some good performance out of this cardigan as well. I’m really happy to have another sweater I love that can be worn with a lot of different tops.

I feel like I’ve done almost enough sweaters of different types to just design one for myself. I don’t know why this still seems so intimidating, but I’d like to accomplish it soon. Even though I love the mindlessness of top-down raglans and not having to seam things, I really love the polished look and fit of set-in sleeves.

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