We recently attended the first birthday party of Truman Rex, a delightful baby belonging to some great friends of ours. I whipped up a little Antler Cardigan  out of some Classic Elite Liberty Wool in Mallard (conveniently washable). Here is the result:

T-Rex antler

His parents and most of the party attendees oohed and aahed when they opened the present and they immediately put it on him. What knitter doesn’t love that?! I made him a baby blanket for him before he was born, and since his parents deemed that “magnificent” I decided they were worthy of more hand-knitted pieces. I made a 1-2 year size with a little extra sleeve length, so I hope he can wear it a bit next fall too.

T-Rex antler-2

The pattern is easy to follow and starts with the sleeves. That’s a nice touch, and something I don’t think about doing often. I usually am tired of the sweater when I get to the sleeves, so it was good to get them done first. The cabling is fun and goes quickly.

Maybe I can get a picture of it on him in the wild one of these days…

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