Which is softer, the socks or Seymour?

Which is softer, the socks or Seymour?

I finished my fourth pair of socks for Matt. I’d like him to be as spoiled as I am one day and be able to use hand knit socks daily in the colder months because he loves them so much.

matt stripe socks-3

He says this is the softest pair yet! I made him this pair out of some Opal and this pair out of some Knit One Crochet Too, both nice hard-wearing yarns, but definitely less supple than this pair. Maybe I’ll whip up some socks out of Malabrigo or Koigu for him one of these days. That’s the softest my feet have known yet, but they require more delicate care. I think of those as my sometimes socks and often wear my Regia socks because those can take a beating and come out perfectly in the washer and dryer.

matt stripe socks

I also made these faux-argyle socks. That yarn (Cosmo Linie 33)  had the softest hand, but they already have a hole in the toe, so that yarn is now filed away in my never again brain folder for sock yarns. I think he only wore those for about a month. I haven’t darned the toe because that seems like more of a pain than knitting another pair and the socks had other issues too.

This yarn is Lorna’s Laces Shepard Sock in the colorway Roadside Gerry. I like working with it, and I really like how it striped. I originally tried to use this yarn for myself, but there was some massive pooling at 64 stitches. It looked better at 60 stitches per round, but I thought that might be a bit narrow for my foot, so they were frogged a second time and they became socks for Matt.

matt stripe socks-4

These were sort of a surprise Christmas gift (ahem, now very belated). They went by the wayside as I became enchanted with a number of sweaters and they were relegated to bus knitting when I got to the ribbing. Well it’s nearing then end of the chilliest part of the year, but they are finished and ready for regular wear.

I’m already starting another pair for him.

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