I forget how immensely satisfying hats can be since they knit up so quickly. I received Botanical Knits as another Valentine’s gift from Matt. That man really spoils me, and I love it.

I knew I would have to make Oak Trail immediately.

I don’t wear a lot of fitted hats, but I definitely like the leafy cables, as you can see here and here, and this hat seems so lady-like, so I decided to try it.

The brim was rolling a bit more than I’d like. I don’t usually block hats much, but I decided to give this a wet block to tame it a bit.

I’d been eyeing the yarn for this at my LYS for quite awhile. I don’t make a lot of red knits, but the red-oranges definitely appeal to me more than blue reds. This one cried out for me to take it home. It’s Ella Rae Lace Merino Worsted in Russet (104). Ella Rae is a dream to work with for it’s bounce and softness, and it comes in a wide range of amazing colors. It’s so gorgeous in the skein.

Wouldn't you take me home?

Wouldn’t you take me home?

Also, if you’re thinking about buying Botanical Knits, it’s very well done. It has gorgeous photos, elegant and well-written patterns, and it’s the first knitting e-book I’ve seen that has links to each pattern’s Ravelry pages. I think that’s pretty impressive. It includes 13 patterns and is 18 dollars for the e-book only or 22 for the e-book and print version. I went with just the e-book because I live in a postage stamp of a house and it’s best if I don’t add to the collection. I own many knitting books that I don’t make enough out of, but I can see myself making another 6 of the patterns in this book, so it’s a definite steal in my opinion.

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