delancey blockingDelancey has been washed and blocked. I finished her Saturday afternoon and immediately bathed her in some warm water with lavender Eucalan. Now I have about 40+ ends to weave in. Ah hahah. I think I’d rather seam all day than weave in this many ends.

As predicted, she grew with blocking. The size is good, the length could be a teeny bit shorter. I might use my test swatch and see how the yarn fares with a bit of drying. I’ll be satisfied either way.

You can see a few more details here. I ended up with a spare ball of each yarn, plus just a very few yards of the last balls I used. I’ll probably exchange the remaining balls for something else delicious one of these days.

Can I count this as finished on Ravelry if I haven’t woven in ends and sewn on buttons? I probably shouldn’t.

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