The baby sailor sweater, also known as Pull Gaspard, is still underway. I got bored around the sleeves, but my interest was piqued again at the kangaroo pocket.

pull gaspard prog-3I decided to do the sleeves in the round to have less seaming at the end. The rest I did back and forth stockinette, as prescribed by the pattern.

pull gaspard prog-2It feels like I’m getting close to the end now. I love it. I might even see if it will fit Zooey so I can snap a picture of it on a baby before I give it away.

pull gaspard prog

I took this picture of her the other day. I can’t believe these crazy blue eyes. Mine are brown and Matts are more green with hints of blue.

blue eyesI have the oral defense for my doctoral candidacy exams today. Eeep!


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