I was browsing through my friend’s activity on Ravelry the other day and saw that someone had queued this stinkin’ adorable baby cardigan. I almost squealed out loud, but I was in public, so I just went “squeeeeeeee” in my head, bought the pattern, and started fantasizing about the yarn I would use.

I really really wanted to use this combo:Image

The pale grey is Classic Elite Vail, and the red is my leftover Lotus Mimi in orange. I only have one skein of the Vail, so I checked at my LYS. No more! I pouted for a bit last night at knit night because I really wanted to cast it on. My friend Jane pointed out that the yarn was probably a little impractical for a baby sweater. I suppose that’s true as well. It’s so cute in my head though!

I knew I would have plenty of other possible yarn combos in my stash at home, so I just worked on a couple of hexipuffs and waited as patiently as possible. I had to wait until this morning, because Z was fast asleep when I got home and the yarn stash lives in the same room. This morning I decided on this combo:


It’s some Colinette Jitterbug in Velvet Olive for the main color, and some Shibui Sock in Green (#5677) for the little elephants at the bottom. The Jitterbug seems a little adult and dark for a baby garment, but I think it  will be adorable in the end and the color may also hide stains.

I’m making the 12 month size so it will likely fit this spring and some in the fall. I love baby sweaters!!! Yes, Matt’s sweater, and two pairs of socks are still hanging out on needles, but I’m going to go where the energy takes me, and right now that’s an adorable baby cardigan. I hate when projects feel like have-to assignments. I resist them.

Speaking of ongoing projects, I did a few more hexipuffs. They’re pretty all together.Image

The Pull Gaspard is off the needles and blocking. Finished pic soon!

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