This is my fourth Ishbel in less than 12 months, if you count this one that I eventually frogged. I’m bartering with my lovely and amazing friend Natalie for some family photos next month. She likes the pattern, happened to like this lovely shade of Araucania Ranco (#108) in Teal. She also knits, but is more of a beginner, so she requested something she couldn’t make herself. I happen to believe she will conquer anything she sets her mind to, but I also don’t mind making her a little bit of lacy shawl.

ishbel 4

I’m making the smaller size, as I have on this one and this one. To me, smaller shawls are a little more wearable, because they can serve as a fun neck accessory more often in the year. It gets very warm in the south! Ok, really more like scorching. The lace repeats are a little like “potato chip knitting,” according to the Knitmore Girls. It’s hard to put down when you get going.

I cast this on when I came to an impasse on the Ellybob Cardigan. Since the designer responded so quickly, I can work on both! The other night I had both in front of me and I would switch off every couple of rows. It’s nice to have projects with different needle sizes going to give my hands a break if they fatigue on one size of needles.

I’m putting this out here on the blog, so I’ll do it, really. When I finish either this shawl or Z’s cardigan I will finish the sleeve caps on Matt’s cardigan and block the pieces so I can seam and pick up that shawl. I at least want to get the sleeves and blocking done before I move on to another project. It doesn’t bother me to have so many UFOs going at once, but I know as the weather warms I will not want to touch heavier sweaters.

I love getting into the rhythm with this lace pattern. I’d better get back to it.

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