I’m slogging on with this man-sized sweater. The great news is that it’s turning out exactly as I imagined it! The bad news is we don’t have our air-conditioning window units put back in the house for the season and it’s a bit sticky in the evenings.

matt's cardigan-2

I’m still pondering whether or not to write up the pattern for this sweater. I’ve never created a sweater pattern. I made a few notes for myself about sizing, but I would definitely love some test knitting. Ideally, I do think test knitters should be compensated. I’m of the same mindset described in this Yarn Harlot post. I don’t know what I would be able to offer for compensation, aside from stash yarn fairly little cash. I’ve also heard that technical editing can take the place of some of this and is quite a bit cheaper. I plan on charging for the pattern, if I put it out in the world, and I want to put out a great product. I’ll keep pondering.

matt's cardigan-3

When I walked back in the house after taking photos, I left some yarn behind. Seymour never misses an opportunity to wrestle with a yarn ball.

matt's cardigan

The shawl collar is actually going much faster than I thought it would. I seamed most of the sweater already, except for one side seam and the sleeve. I got tired of seaming and decided I would rather do the rest of the knitting.

Speaking of finishing… I have some little baby sweaters to finish and post!

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