ellybob-3Just try and take pictures of this kid. She is squirmy! I should have done these outside where she could crawl around in the grass, but I took these mid-day, so it had to be in the house, and of course I dressed her up in a silly and girly white dress underneath.

She’s crawling, mostly on her belly, but she can MOVE. And she wants to pull up on lots of things. Naturally, this made for a good way to capture the back of the sweater.

ellybob-5This is the Ellybob Cardigan. Click the link for more details. If I made it again, I think I would start with more stitches and increase less at the neck. It has a fairly high collar and I wish it were a bit wider.Β It was fun to make, and the back and forth Fair Isle wasn’t as difficult as I anticipated. If I made it again, I might go up a needle size overall, and up a needle size from that on the Fair Isle portion.



ellybob-6I have a feeling that Zooey is going to have eyes like Matt’s that seem to match whatever blue or green item they’re wearing.



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