It’s pretty humbling to make a mistake while knitting your own pattern. I was knitting the 2 yr old size of Ruffaluffagus, and I completely ignored some decreases, even though they were listed in the pattern. I decided that I should rearrange the sentences in the pattern so this would be more apparent, so if you have a copy, make sure you have the updated version. When I updated it on Ravelry it said “Notifications sent to 4 users,” but it was downloaded by about 2,000 people. I think once I changed it to a pay pattern, it messed with the system. Just putting the word out.


I’m going going going on this dress. It has a deadline of tomorrow afternoon. I will meet it. I also want to finish my Goodale by Saturday at 7 am for some family pictures. It has minimal finishing, so that should be ok.

The yarn is Starry by Dream in Color, in Flamingo Pie. The yarn has some sparkle to it for added whimsy. I think the rest of the pattern will go swiftly. After all, this time I’m not trying to write a pattern while I knit it. I just have to follow my own instructions.

As you can see, again I have a very small ball of yarn left. I have the ruffles, the collar, and the sleeves to finish. I’m going to go in that order, and if necessary, the sleeves will be modified. It looks like the 2yr old size will take a little more than 450 yards, or it will be super duper close. I’ll keep you posted.


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