This sweater makes me want a giant orange soda. Well, I don’t really drink much soda, but I make an exception for the occasional cream soda, birch beer, ginger ale, and orange soda. Homemade lavender and cardamom sodas are also exceptions to this.


But I digress. Here is my finished Goodale cardigan. I LOVE IT. Like I want to dance around and yelp and exclaim, love it. The yarn is Frogtree Pediboo in Marigold. I added length to the body (about 6.5 inches after blocking). When I worked the collar, it seemed like my picked up stitches better matched the numbers of the smallest size, rather than the 34″ bust size I was making. I just went with it. It didn’t seem important enough to try to add the extra stitches.


The buttons are held together with an i-cord that’s not sewn down on either side. I will probably anchor the i-cord on one side because I have a feeling that’s something that might get lost.


One consequence of adding some length to the body could be that the part of the flap that forms the pocket might roll more since it has a longer length to travel. I can live with this. If it gets to me, I might stitch it down a little in the middle, very lightly, but I doubt it will come to that.


Overall it was a really easy knit, without so much finishing that I put it off for ages. I did not finish this in time for our family photos last weekend, but I ended up wearing my Liesl and Damask, and Zooey wore her Little Sister’s Dress. I think they all coordinated well. It was a chilly morning. Sadly, Matt did not have any knitwear to sport for the photos. We will have to take more photos in the fall when we all have matching sweaters!

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