What is it with me and stockinette projects? I do get a thrill out of completing complicated lace and cables. I love the way they look. I guess at this point in my life, I really love projects that I can pick up and put down without stressing about remembering a complicated pattern, or having one in front of me. And really, I think so many stockinette projects just look elegant.

I was corresponding with a new Ravelry friend, and of course I had to go and check out some of her projects. I saw this shawl/scarf/practically a blanket. I fell hard. Instantly. I’ve been wanting a giant shawl that could sort of double as a blanket at work because it’s freezing there, especially in the lactation room I use in the basement. The thing is, it takes about 1740 yards. EEP! That’s either a big yarn purchase, or many colors from my stash.

I decided to try to make do with what I have. I have stashed 5 skeins of Classic Elite Yarns Mountain Top Vail, in all coordinating natural colors. I originally got this to make an Aranami Shawl. Aranami looks gorgeous, but I just couldn’t take doing all of the little semi-separate pieces (with all of their subsequent ends to weave in). Soooooooo, I think this will be a good start for Nuvem. It’s not enough yardage. I need about 2.5 more balls to have the recommended yardage. There are more balls at my LYS in the three lighter colors. I won’t be able to make the width of the stripes even, but I think it will look interesting.

Which color progression is better? Either would start with the darkest color in the center and would move from right to left to the outside.

Right to left for center to edge color progression.

Right to left for center to edge color progression.


nuvem yarn-3

Right to left for center to edge color progression.

My only hesitation is that I never make things this neutral. Never. I hardly ever knit with neutral colors. Yet, the soft muted palate is appealing and I want to use this gorgeous yarn for something. It’s been wound and sitting in a drawer for a few months. I made just a few Aranami pieces before giving it up. I think it’s funny that some people have reservations about using really bright colors to knit garments and I’m hesitating about using really muted ones…  I know I’m mixing grey and brown…

I’m going to keep going with the darker grey at the center, but I’d love opinions about which progression to do. There isn’t more of the darker brown at my LYS, so that entire ball would likely become the ruffle. Expound away color theorists and fiber enthusiasts.

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