I recently sorted my Ravelry projects to show the WIPs (works in progress) at the top. I have a few things hanging out with that designation. Hi, Birthday Socks for Matt. It’s nice to see you again.

matt's socksI’ve been making some significant progress on them in the last two weeks. They went from being about 2 inches past the toe to their current state. Now that I’m working on Beatnik, these are my go-to project for relaxing. Seymour finds them relaxing as well.

matt's socks-2

These aren’t my oldest UFO (unfinished object) at this point. That would be these. Both are for Matt, still within the 6-month mark, so there’s no cause for shame. There is one more pair of unfinished socks. Those are for my mom.

I also have this little Beekeeper’s Quilt started…and I think I have about 9 little sections for it. I’m in no rush.

This is destined to be frogged. I started a Silken Straw Summer Sweater out of some yarn that seems completely wrong for it. I tried holding Habu’s silk/stainless steel yarn together with their merino. Both yarns are crazy light, but since they’re held together the project requires that I look at it for every stitch, since it’s very easy to jump between yarns and leave one behind. It took me hours to get the little inch of knitting I did eke out. I don’t see this as a pleasurable project worth continuing. When I’m wrong, I’m wrong. I’m not sure if I should try to get each strand back on the respective cones, or just bind off, wrap it around my wrist a few times, and call it a bracelet. I could also rip it back, keep the strands together, and maybe turn it into a Kusha Kusha or some kind of triangular shawl or cowl. I was knitting it on a 2. It might be less miserable on a larger needle. Either way, no need to worry about it today. I’ve got other projects looking me in the eyes with meaningful glances.

I’m working on writing up the still unnamed summer linen baby tunic. I think naming things is definitely the most challenging part for me. The math isn’t all that bad, as long as I can keep my head straight. That won’t be released until at least next week since this week is filled with dissertation proposal writing and baby party planning! Eeek!

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