matt's socks finished-3Matt’s birthday socks are finished, just over 2 months late…. Oops. Who wears alpaca socks in the summer anyway? Knowing him and his intense love of hand knit socks, I’m sure he could find a way.matt's socks finished-4I’ve never known another person that has gotten so excited over knitted socks. Maybe this poet would, but I don’t know many recipients that declare this much love for socks. It’s probably part of the reason I’ll adorn his feet with socks until we reach a crazy point of sock saturation in his drawers. And then I’ll keep going. I love this man so much. He tells everyone that “hand knit socks can change your life.” Wouldn’t you knit him pair after pair too? matt's socks finished-2The sock pattern is my basic toe-up recipe. You can find it on Summer Slice  or Early Bird for free. I also sell Tuxedo and Prufrock using this method. I’ve never written up the plain pattern by itself because there are gobs and gobs of basic sock patterns available. This one is my basic recipe, but I alternate a K1, p1 rib with plain knit rows. It’s slightly more interesting than 1×1 ribbing, and has a rest row (just knitting) between the ribbed rows to make it go faster. I alternated those rows until I thought I should start the top ribbing only section, then I just did 1×1 ribbing for the last inch or so. I don’t think he’ll have any sock sagging issues with this pair, but the ribbing does make it seem thicker than usual. I used Alpacas d’Auxvasse Alpaca Sock Yarn.

Maybe I’ll write it up one of these days. My plan this week, or next, depending on how much time I can squeeze from other activities, is to finish writing up the pattern for Z’s linen tunic.

Gemini is flying by so far! I’m almost through my 3rd (out of 5) ball of yarn. I’m making a few mods and taking notes about them. Beatnik, my SSKAL project is hanging out on the needles, just past the armhole decreases on the back. I will return to her and definitely try my best to complete it by September 24th. I still have well over a month. I just got sidetracked by the promise of one more sweater I can wear this year…

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