I whipped up a Little Sister’s Dress in the last couple of weeks. It was intended for someone other than Z, in the 2 yr size, but in my altered gauge and rushing, it ended up being more like the 4 yr size, and then when I blocked it I decided it might fit a small 6 yr old.. Oh well. It’s no longer going to the kiddo I had planned, but I never mentioned my plans to her parents, so no one has to be disappointed. I think I’m going to just stick it in the cedar chest for Z.

little sister's dress-4

She is still able to wear the first Little Sister’s Dress I made her. At that time I made the 6 month size, using a size 2 (2.75mm) needle. My gauge was slightly too large there, but I didn’t mind. For this current version, I decided to try knitting the 2yr old size using the 18 month instructions and a size 3 (3.25mm) needle to make the yarn stretch. The fabric looks good, but it ended up being larger than anticipated. I didn’t run out of yarn (my biggest concern), though I had to eliminate about 6 rows on the bottom of the dress. I used a 450 yard skein of Dream in Color Knitosophy in the color Strength. The color name turned out to be apt for this project’s purpose.

I could have swatched and calculated things, or maybe even paid more attention as I knitted. This knitting was purely motivated by distraction from grieving. My grandma died two weekends ago, and this was part of my coping. Sometimes I don’t like to get deeply personal on the blog. I don’t always know where the balance is between knitting life and personal life lands. This is how probably many of us knitters cope. I picked a soothing knit, in a yarn I liked, and I knitted it in the car on the way through several states to her funeral, and home, and after.

I will miss her. I’m sort of glad this turned out too big for the intended, so now this piece will stay in our home as a gentle memorial piece. Maybe that’s strange. For me, there is so much memory of the time, place, and feelings that goes into my knitting. When Z wears this I can remember how much I love my grandma, and how much she means to me.

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