This weekend my town is overrun by motorcyclists for an event called Bikes, Blues, and Barbecue. I try to find a way to leave town every year at this time. I have nothing against motorcycle riders, but when the population of the town more than doubles, and the majority of those folks are riding pretty noisy motorcycles, whilst the town accommodates by opening bars at 9 am, it gets a little rowdy. I’m excited to have somewhere else to be this weekend. Matt, Z, and I will head with some friends to a lake house and relax while these bikers do their thing.

Packing what knitting projects I will take on a trip, even a very short trip, is always difficult for me. I overestimate how much time I will get to spend knitting, usually by a lot, and I want choices! This is the yarn I plan on taking for this weekend’s quick jaunt:

packingYes, it’s kind of crazy, but this is the lineup: On the far left, the green yarn is a spare ball of Cascade 220 Pyrite Heather for Matt’s cardigan. I’ve ripped and reknit partly or entirely the shawl collar at least 3 times now to get it the way I want. I will be conquering that beast this weekend.

Clockwise from that is some Jo Sharp DK, which I decided was a lot more like worsted weight than dk. I’m taking it and the lavender Cascade 220 to the right of it to swatch for Oshima. I’m not sure which color I like best, or how they will feel when swatched, so naturally I should take both. Opinions welcome. I think the lighter color would better highlight the brioche stitch, but the darker may be more flattering.

The orange and cream yarn at the top right are for the Little Fox hoodie, which I need to finish this month. I need to finish hood ribbing, and make the ears. That’s it.

The front and center gold skein is for my plans to make Z a lion hoodie for Halloween. I don’t have a pattern. I’m just going to wing it, and maybe take notes and write it up.

So, that’s what I’m planning on doing this weekend…

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