This shawl collar is done. Really. This is as good as it gets, people. Reworking this was the last element of the design. Everything else is written, charted, etc. Matt helped me create a schematic because I thought I was going to go out of my mind trying to learn Illustrator. I’m hoping he can be my live-in graphic designer for future projects too.

blocking with bowl

I’m not really sure to how to block shawl collars. They throw me for a bit of a loop. I read this post by the talented Amy Herzog last week, and I decided I should try something a little different for blocking the collar on Matt’s sweater. Rolling up a towel along the collar would probably work just as well. This was just the first thing that occurred to me.

Now, for a teeny bit more pattern writing, button sewing, and picture taking. I plan on sending the design to the test knitters and tech editor by the end of the week! I think I might rework it to be a ladies pattern too at some point with more feminine shaping, but for now I’m ready to stick a fork in it and be done!

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