Thanks for all of the thoughtful and sweet comments on my last post. I’m glad this is something other bloggers think about as well.

My biggest secret project that was ripped out Monday night is still taking a breather for the most part this week. We’re on time out, while it thinks about what it’s done. Really, it’s my issue. I guess I should have blocked the center panel, rather than just the moss stitch part.

In other knitting news… Z’s Halloween costume has sleeves!

lionI decided to turn this into a bottom up raglan, rather than divide for separate fronts and backs and work sleeves from the top down. I haven’t done a bottom up raglan in ages and it’s pretty refreshing. It’s fun to be decreasing up to the neckline, rather than increasing and waiting and waiting for the moment you get to separate the sleeves. Maybe I should be doing her sweaters like this more often. Every time I really sit down and work on this thing, it seems like I’m able to make quick progress since it’s almost entirely stockinette in the round.

Here is the delicious contrast color I will use for the lion mane and tail tuft:

lion-2It’s Manos Wool Clasica in Topaz. It practically glows. I’m still brainstorming how to get the mane attached to the hood, but I’m sure I’ll figure it out by the time I get to that point.

One of my knitting secret deadlines I tomorrow, and I’m happy to report that project is drying. I seriously doubt the parents will see this post, especially before tomorrow afternoon…so it’s 3 little pairs of Kiddo Kicks. You’ve seen two of the pairs already in the post about the socks. The non-pink pairs will go to a little fella that turned 1 last week and is having a birthday party tomorrow. I’ll show you the third pair when it’s dry. Just three secret projects to go now… They’re all on the needles and I will happily report about one of them after next weekend. I don’t think I’ve ever had this many secretive things going. It’s tough, y’all. I love to chat about the knitting process.

Now, I’ve got to get moving on some baked mini pumpkin donuts to turn in for Z’s school carnival this weekend. Happy Friday!

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