The men’s cardigan pattern is finally here! Hi-ya! bespokenj-4I’m thrilled to finally release it! Check out some details here. It’s in time for NaKniSweMo!

bespokenj-6I decided on the name Bespoken, because the word carries meaning of customization and commitment. I always told Matt I wouldn’t knit him a sweater until we were married. This is the first sweater I’ve ever made for him (or any man), so this definitely implies some commitment.

It’s knit in pieces, with a set-in sleeve. I think this makes for a better calculated fit in the shoulder area and is worth the extra effort. bespokenj-3I love a good set-in sleeve.

bespokenj-2From now until midnight on Halloween I will be offering this at a 25% discount in celebration of NaKniSweMo. Use the code NAKNISWEMO at checkout, and buy now if you wish!

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