Cold weather is upon us, more than I would like. Though today is in the nice mild 50 degree (Fahrenheit) range, tomorrow through the beginning of next week is predicted to be in the single digits, with a winter storm warning as well. Brrrrrrrrr! I hope we don’t actually get any dangerous icy conditions or power outages, but just in case, I’ll keep knitting as fast as I can.

_DSC0030These are the latest installment of the Operation Toddler Sock Drawer mission I’m on. The blue is leftover Anzula Squisy in Denim. It’s so very very soft. I ran out, so I used up the remainder of some Koigu KPPPM. Now Z has 3 finished pairs. My sense of urgency about her sock needs is somewhat quelled now. She does need a second hat. Her little muffin hat has gone missing. I started a new one last night out of some Manos Maxima in Highlighter. It’s highlighter yellow, so she’ll be easy to spot.

I also realized last night after I finished my fourth ball of yarn on Matt’s sweater that it’s highly likely that I’m going to run out of yarn. Boo! I weighed the back of his sweater and it was 196 grams, almost 2 full balls. I did add about an inch in length, but I thought I would still be fine since the 41.75″ size calls for 1255 yards and I had 1320, and I’m making his sweater a bit narrower than that size. I didn’t get to finish the sleeves before starting the 5th of 6 balls, so I think I will come up short. I ordered another skein last night just in case, and I really hope it’s a close match. I guess I can always stripe two balls if I must.

Cross your fingers for me that we don’t get a bad storm! Hope your day is warm and full of great knitting projects.

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